1. Check in 2 pm, check out 12 o’clock.
  2. Reservations can be made on site and by phone on a prepaid basis (paid the first day of stay). Prepayment is not refundable!
  3. Guest rooms of the “Green House” villa are provided for stays after full payment of the entire stay.
  4. On the territory and in the premises of the villa guests are required:
    • keep silence and public order
    • comply with fire safety and health regulations
    • do not leave open water intakes, doors and windows of guest rooms
    • do not leave (when leaving the guest room) lights, air conditioning and other electrical appliances turned on. If this fact is revealed (in the interests of security), the duty officer has the right to enter the room and turn off the appliance.
    • reimburse (for those guilty of loss or damage to the property of the villa) the cost of the damage before the end of the stay in the villa.
  5. On the territory and in the premises of the villa guests are prohibited:
    • smoking in the guest rooms and other areas of the villa, as well as throughout (except for the place specially equipped for smoking). For revealing the fact of violation – a fine of 500.00 UAH.
    • bring in unauthorized persons
    • occupy gazebos for a long time, leave personal items, food, etc. in the gazebos in their absence. When such a fact is revealed, the duty officer has the right to remove everything from the gazebo and leave it in storage in the pantry.
    • store bulky items, explosive, toxic materials, mercury, weapons, etc.
    • contain animals, birds, reptiles, etc.
    • use defective electrical appliances in guest rooms
    • rearrange and move furniture in guest rooms
  6. Free car parking in the parking of the villa is allowed only for guests staying. The administration of the villa “Green House” is not responsible for the safety of the car!
  7. For the safety of valuables in the rooms and in the villa, the administration is not responsible!
  8. The administration reserves the right to evict guests who violate these rules.
We want to note that we are acting solely in the interests of our guests (everyone and everyone) and want to create the most comfortable conditions for staying at the Villa “Green House”!